Mark T. Hurt, J.D., CPA.,  Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer.  Mark  leads the management and investment teams and has made every buy/sell decision for the Fund’s portfolio since its inception in 2000.  From 1996-1999, he was chief portfolio manager at Schwendiman Funds, where he made every buy/sell decision for over $30 million in  Frontier/Emerging markets equities using the same investment strategy that is employed with the Fund.   In March 1999, the flagship fund that Mark was managing was recognized by Standard & Poors for the best three-year performance out of 230 funds in the global emerging markets equity sector.    With over 20 years experience investing in Frontier Markets, he has traveled to over 80 countries and was one of the first American investors in many of those markets.  His training and experience as both a lawyer and CPA  assist him in understanding financial statements promulgated under different accounting standards, and in gauging the legal protections provided to foreign investors in each Frontier Market.  Mark is a graduate of  the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia  and of Duke University School of Law, where he graduated in the top 10%.


Brian McCoy, J.D.,  Co-Founder and Managing Director.   Brian  has extensive business experience as a manager of international operations for a chemical and electronics company, where he  analyzed  the operations of  Eastern European and Asian companies.  He frequently travels to Frontier Markets in those regions.    His  experience in practicing corporate law assists him in assessing the politico-legal environments of the different Frontier Markets.   Brian is a graduate of Purdue University, with a major in business and communications, and of Duke University School of Law,  with high honors.    He is fluent in Japanese and Spanish.


Sharon Jackson, Director of Administration.  Sharon  joined  the management team in 2006.  She has  extensive knowledge and expertise in all facets of hedge fund operations, including the opening and maintenance of dozens of  local brokerage accounts in the various Frontier Markets.   Sharon is a  graduate of  Clemson University, with a  BS in Administrative Management.


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